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All I want for Christmas are some DVD’s…

Some DVD’s
Some DVD’s.

All I want for Christmas are some DVD’s so I can watch em’ after Christmas…

New announcements from Columbia, New Line, Anchor Bay, Buena Vista and MTI…

Kid’s Stuff Galore! A little bit of Gore! and a whole lotta good stuff…

Vastly underrated and seemingly never able to catch a break, New Line will release recent box-office no show KNOCKAROUND GUYS to DVD for February 25. The story of a group of young mobsters-in-training, who lose a bag O’ money and have to turn to their infamopus fathers for advice, this one pairs up n’comers like Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel and Seth Green with old pros John Malkovich and Dennis Hopper. Finally getting the respect it deserves, GUYS will come stacked with both Fullscreen and Anamorphic Widescreen with Dolby Digital EX and DTS 6.1 ES audio tracks. Extras will include commentary, deleted scenes, DVD-Rom material and trailers.

MTI Home Entertainment has a popular Japanese horror, from the producers of the original Japanes version of THE RING (called RINGU). ANOTHER HEAVEN follows the story of a series of horrific murders in which people’s brains have been removed and are found simmering on the stove. Police are dumbounded and it soon becomes clear that supernatural powers are at work. Written and directed by Joji Iida, who was the writer/director of the Japanese hit RASEN, a sequel to RINGU, the film will be presented in Widescreen with no extras, and will hit stores February 18.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced a wealth of long-awaited genre titles. April 29 has been announced as the day for all of us George Romero fans to set back with a nice imported ale and a bowlful of brains and enjoy DAY OF THE DEAD as it makes it’s debut on DVD. And what a debut! This classic zombie flick comes uncut and uncensored in a 2-disc set with a wealth of extras. Audio commentary with Romero himself, a complete screenplay, still galleries, 2 featurettes, a collectible book and trailers. It will be presented in all of it’s gory glory in THX certified 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, with remastered 5.1 DDS and DTS 6.1 ES surround sound audio!! And keep in mind that the ultimate Zombie film DAWN OF THE DEAD will be getting the same treatment later next year… “When there’s no more room in hell…” the undead can hang out at my place!!

Also coming from Anchor Bay is the March 4 release of a new DVD package for ARMY OF DARKNESS (EVIL DEAD 3), tentativelt subtitled ‘The Boomstick Edition’, this one will include both the theatrical version and the extended cut of the film, no other deets have been released, but stay tuned for more…

And also on the Anchor Bay is Good front…
One of the films at the top of my own DVD MIA list is coming to town in a most agreeable way. Nicolas Roeg’s THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, did receive a bare bones crap-tastic release on DVD last October, but this is a whole different story. It will be a 2-disc set with a new, remastered Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS and DTS 6.1 ES sound, still galleries, a do*censored*entary feature entitled “Watching The Alien” trailers and a collectible booklet. February 11.

Anchor Bay is also readying a release of the 2 70’s TV movies THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS and THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, on one 2-disc set. Presented in the original 4:3 fullscreen and mono sound, look for extras including featurettes on creator Stan Lee and star Lou Ferrigno, as well as the brand new do*censored*entary STAND TALL. May 6.

As far as box sets and compilations go, Anchor Bay has the February 4 release of STRAIGHT TO HELL: THE ALEX COX COLLECTION which collects the previous Anchor Bay releases of REPO MAN, STRAIGHT TO HELL, THREE BUSINESSMEN and DEATH AND THE COMPASS into one fancy new box set. No new extras are included.

Also on the way is a 2-pack featuring the Brit actioners SWEENEY and SWEENEY 2 with 1.78:1 AW transfers with original mono sound and trailers.
Finally, Anchor Bay has just announced THE COMPLETE MUSKETEERS 2-pack, featuring the 1973 version of THE THREE MUSKETEERs and it’s 1974 sequel THE FOUR MUSKETEERS, both starring Oliver Reed, Michael York and Richard Chamberlain as the titular swashbucklers. Each film is presented in 2.35:1 AW as well as in Fullscreen. Both films include trailers, TV and radio spots, Talent Bios, Still and Poster galleries. THE THREE MUSKETEER also features 2 featurettes – “The Making of The Three Musketeers” and “The Saga of The Three Musketeers – Part 1”, THE FOUR MUSKETEERS features “The Saga of The Three Musketeers – Part 2”. The Adventure begins February 4.

Spring training is just around the corner, and to celebrate Paramount Home Video has a trio of Baseball themed classics ready for a March 4 release. FEAR STRIKES OUT, TALENT FOR THE GAME and the legendary tear-inducer BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY will all be presented in new Anamorphic Widescreen transfers with TALENT also getting 2.0 Surround sound (the other two will be original mono). No extras have been announced.

Also on Paramount’s list for March 4 – IT’S THE EASTER BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN in original Fullscreen with 2.0 Surround and the added short, IT’S ARBOR DAY CHARLIE BROWN.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has another big slate of catalogue titles coming your way, including TOM & VIV, TWO MUCH, STELLA, LIFE WITH MIKEY, SCENES FROM A MALL, NEW YORK STORIES, BEYOND SILENCE, 4 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER, THE INKWELL, MY FATHER THE HERO, AN INNOCENT MAN, LAST DANCE and the much maligned Alec Baldwin – Kim Basinger supposedly romantic-comedy THE MARRYING MAN. BVHE has also announced a massive repricing on TEACHING MRS. TINGLE, THE DEFENDER, TWIN WARRIORS, FIST OF LEGEND, OPERATION CONDOR, SUPERCOP 2, TWIN DRAGONS, WIDE AWAKE, WINGS OF THE DOVE, GEORGIA, BEST OF THE BEST 3, CITY ON FIRE, NEWSIES, PURPLE NOON, SWWET REVENGE and JACKIE CHAN’S PROJECT A. So all you J.C. and Jet Li fans… lemme hear ya holla!!!

And our pals at Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment have unleashed a trio of new kid-friendly titles. LITTLE SECRETS stars Evan Rachel Woods of TV’s “Once And Again” , Viveca A. Fox and Michael Angarano (who played the young William Miller in ALMOST FAMOUS). Woods stars as a 14 year-old violin prodigy who runs a side business keeping secrets for the neighborhood kids. Her enterprise soon backfires when she discovers the real proce of keeping secrets. This PG flick comes from the creators of WISH UPON A STAR, and was highly praised during it’s short theatrical run. Widescreen, with 5.1 DDS audio and extras including a full CD soundtrack, blooper reel, a ‘Making Of’ featurette, and filmmaker audio commentary. February 4.

On January 28, BVHE will release a new installment in it’s popular DRAGON TALES series. DRAGON TALES – EASY AS 1,2,3 features five episodes and four new songs. No technical deets have been announced, but I don’t think the three year olds really care about Anamorphic Wide!

And finally, BVHE has another rinstallment of JIM HENSON’S BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE, also on January 28. HEROES OF WOODLAND VALLEY features Bear and all of his Woodland friends pulling together to help when a tree falls on the local library, and noone can get to their books. The DVD will feature the episode, along with 4 sing-along songs, including the ever-popular ‘Goodbye Song’. Fun for the whole fam!

Well, that’s it for today kids! All the news that ya can’t live without… Courtesy of yer Ol’ Unkie Axel…

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