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DVD Shopping Ideas

This Friday, tomorrow, is the biggest shopping day of the year. Our team has put together our top lists to help you purchase the right gift for the DVD/Movie lover in your family. We’ve also kindly provided links to and for quick online purchase. Without any further mumbo jumbo here’s the list compiled by EyeCraveDVD.comShane’s List

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition Box Set w/Smeagol statueNo collection is complete with out the Extended Editions of LOTR and you can’t go wrong getting the marvelous Smeagol statue.[] []Finding NemoA delightful film and an incredible DVD.[] []Alien Quarilogy‘Nuff Said.[] []The Adventures of Indiana Jones Finally, their on DVD.[] []Casablanca: Special EditionYou can’t call yourself a movie fan if you don’t own this classic.[] []X2: X-Men UnitedWho doesn’t want to see Wolverine unleashed?[] []Scarface: Anniversary Edition Gift Set“Say Hello to my little friend!”[] []Lion King: Platinum EditionWill still be my all time favorite cartoon.[] []James Bond: Gift Sets20 high action packed movies. Can you go wrong?[Vol. 1 @] [Vol. 2 @] [Vol. 3 @][Vol. 1 @] [Vol. 2 @] [Vol. 3 @]DaredevilSomething I think every comic book fan should own.[] []Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlA fun ride from beginning to end and then you can see the movie version.[] []Family Guy: Volume 1: Seasons 1 & 2Hours of pure hilarious fun.[] []Family Guy: Volume 2: Season 3Stewie! Stewie! Come on join in with me… Stewie! Stewie![] []

Axel’s List

LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS EXTENDED EDITION GIFT SETWhat could be better than 5 discs of Tolkein goodness, and a Gollum statuette to place next to those Argonath bookends on the shelf?[] []THE ALIEN QUADRILOGYCheck out SHane-O Mac’s big-time review of this monster… Nuff said?[] []THE WARNER LEGENDS 7-PACKSpecial-Ed versions of THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, TREAURES OF THE SIERRA MADRE and YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, each a fully loaded two-discs, along with an exclusive full-length documentary about Classic WB films.[] []PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEANJohnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush? Avast! Fun Pirate shenanigans be ahead![] []FINDING NEMOFor the kids, right? Sure, we can believe that. Or you can say that you just really needed a virtual aquarium for your living room. Just admit it. You love it just like the rest of the planet. It is undeniable. Give in. Just take out your wallet and fork out that dinero.[] []X2: X-MEN UNITEDBiggest baddest, most kick-assinest Superhero movie since Marlon Brando was a platinum blonde. Just do it, bub.[] []THE BILLY WILDER COLLECTIONSOME LIKE IT HOT, THE APARTMENT and THE FORTUNE COOKIE packaged with a pantload of other great Wilder classics. Ya just can’t go wrong with this one.[] []THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONESIf you haven’t already got it, this is the years biggest DVD priority. Not since the GODFATHER set launched the world into full DVD mania has a single DVD set been so must-have.[] []CHRISTMAS VACATION S.E. / A CHRISTMAS STORY S.E.Pick one. Watch it. It’s christmas, and these are two of the greatest modern Xmas tales in fancy new packages just the right size for your stocking.[] []SCARFACE: THE ANNIVERSARY EDITION GIFT SETNot only the brutal and catchphrase riddled Pacino classic, but the 1932 Paul Muni Mob classic, a money clip and some repro-lobby cards, all packaged in a nice replica of Tony Montana’s “Snuff box”. Wanna go get some ice cream with me and my friend?[] []And that’s the Big Evil 2003 Xmas top ten. There’s a million other worthy titles out there, but these just seemed soooo right.Happy almost-holidays kids. Play safe and share your toys.

Bill’s List

Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition (Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers)The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs are turning out some of the most perfect movie experiences ever. If you’re even remotely interested in these films, pick ’em up.[LOTR: FotR @] [LOTR: FotR @][LOTR: TTT @] [LOTR: TTT @]The Family Guy (Volumes One and Two)One of the funniest shows on television. Go out and add these episodes to your collection.[Vol. 1 @] [Vol. 1 @][Vol. 2 @] [Vol. 2 @]MayAn overlooked little gem of a horror film. More twists and turns than a rollercoaster, and newcomer Angela Bettis puts in an Oscar-worthy performance. No. I’m not kidding.[] []The Alien QuadrilogyAll of the “Alien” films in one handy container. How can that be a bad thing?[] []The SopranosThe Complete Fourth Season: Season Five is almost here, and you’ll need this set to get up to speed. Or, if you’ve already seen them, own it just to complete your collection of one of the best shows on TV.[] []The Adventures of Indiana JonesLet’s be brutally honest. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is exponentially better than the two sequels it spawned. Still, all the movies are fun to watch. By ’em before George Lucas and Steven Spielberg mangle them beyond all recognition.[] []Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Collector’s Edition Boxed Set)A great film loaded with extras. Buy this or I will say “ni” to you again…[] []The Complete Prisoner DVD MegasetOne of the most awesome shows to ever come out of England. Follow Number 6 as he tries to figure out just how he got on this funky island, and how to get off.[] [] The Young OnesEvery Stoopid Episode – If you haven’t seen this show, you need to. If you have, then you need to own Every Stoopid Episode. And yes, Rick is a complete bastard.[] []Band of BrothersOne of the finest depictions of life during WWII. Simply amazing.[] []

Aric’s List

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WESTBronson at his best.[] []ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICAwonderful mob-era companion piece.[] []ALIEN QUADRILOGYSelf explanatory why any movie/DVD lover would want this.[] []INDIANA JONES TRILOGYCould have had more extras, but it’s nice to finally see them out.[] []ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES 2-DISC SETGive Costner a break![] []FRIENDS SEASON 5Some things appeal to almost everybody.[] []I LOVE LUCY SEASON 1Good classic TV start. May Andy Griffith be next![] []MARRIED: WITH CHILDREN SEASON 1What married man can’t relate to Al?[] []GODFATHER TRILOGYBeggin’ my wife for this one.[] []CASABLANCA 2-DISC SETNo collection complete without.[] []ROCKY GIFT SETIf you still don’t own this set, there’s something wrong.[] []DIRTY HARRY COLLECTIONAll five films have never looked better, and there’s a surprising amount of extras…not loads, but still more than I expected.[] []JOHNNY DANGEROUSLYThat’s right! The hilarious Michael Keaton mob spoof. It’s out now, though many don’t know it. Too bad, no Special Edition.[] []SLEEPAWAY CAMP SURVIVAL KITNo lover of trash horror and bad acting should miss this classic from the blood and boobies genre. The sequels aren’t too good, but it’s still nice to have them along with the other. Keep an eye out for the upcoming, destined to be DTV RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP.[] []ANY OF ANCHOR BAY’S HORROR DOUBLE FEATURESWith cheaply priced packages such as FADE TO BLACK/HELL NIGHT, THE INITIATION/MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 1 AND 2, and many more, you’re sure to please the horror lover in your life.[] []

More lists to come!

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