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Man was in the Forest!

It seems the house of mouse has decided to bring yet another of its classics to DVD in a 2-Disc set when Walt Disney’s 4th animated classic Bambi hits stores in early March.Bambi will indeed be their Platinum title for the year, killing rumor that honor would befall The Little Mermaid or Pinocchio. For some preliminary details, head into the forest…**UPDATE – Full Details and Artwork Now Available**

Coming out a long time from now on March 1st 2005, Bambi will retail for $29.99 and show up in retail stores as a 2-disc Platinum Edition set. This is official confirmation so it won’t show up in the same manner as Sleeping Beauty a while back.Details for Bambi – Platinum Edition include:

  • Original 1.33:1 ratio image digitally remastered frame by frame ala Snow White
  • New Disney Enhanced 5.1 Home Theater Mix
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 sound
  • Original Mono sound
  • French & Spanish 5.1 sound
  • Inside Walt’s Story Meetings – Walt Disney’s personal production notes re-enacted by voice actor’s
  • Deleted Sequences
  • Forrest Adventure Game – puzzles and trivia in an animated forest.
  • Bambi II – Bambi and the Great Prince featurette
  • Disneypedia – learn about the animals in the movie
  • Disney Time Capsule featurette
  • Disney’s Storytime: Thumper Goes Exploring
  • The Making of Bambi: Original Circle Of Life
  • Much More!

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