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Anyone hungry for some DVD news? Saddle up cause here it comes…Buena Vista Future Release DatesLa Femme Nikita & Taken TV series on DVD The folks at DVDREVIEW.COM have picked up a little tidbit from Warner Brothers. It looks like “La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season” will be released on DVD sometime this July. The box set will contain all 22 episodes in full screen format with Dolby Surround 2.0 sound.Also, according to DVDTALK.COM, DreamWorks will be releasing the “Taken” mini-series that was originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel. We will be waiting until October 21st for this Stephen Spielberg produced gem. We are talking all 10 episodes on 5 discs and a bonus disc with a documentary.Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!If you’re curious about what Buena Vista Home Entertainment will be up to for the next 18 months…look no further…well…maybe look a little bit further…or head on over to Jim Hill Media for a look at their release schedule of all the goodies, including Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean…you know…the ones that haven’t even reached the big screen yet…Check it out yo!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment Tentative release scheduleJuly 2003 – November 2004July 200307/01/03 Gangs of New York 07/29/03 Piglet’s Big Movie August 200308/12/03 The Lizzie McGuire Movie 08/19/03 Chicago 08/26/03 Stitch! The Movie September 200309/02/03 Kim Possible 09/09/03 Sleeping Beauty October 200310/07/03 The Lion King – Platinum Edition10/21/03 George of the Jungle 2 November 200311/04/03 Finding Nemo 11/11/03 Eloise at the Plaza 11/18/03 Brother Bear Sing-Along-Song December 200312/02/03 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl12/02/03 Walt Disney Treasures, Wave 3 12/09/03 Lizzie TV Series 12/09/03 Recess: 5th Grade 12/09/03 Recess: All Growed Down January 200401/27/04 Pocahontas – Special Edition 01/27/04 Alice in Wonderland – Special Edition 01/27/04 Lilo & Stitch – Special Edition February 200402/13/04 Lion King 1 1/2 02/24/04 Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo March 200403/02/04 Spy Kids 3D 03/30/04 Brother Bear April 200404/20/04 Haunted Mansion June 200406/01/04 Pocahontas II – Special Edition 06/15/04 Teacher’s Pet August 200408/03/04 Mickey’s 3 Musketeers 08/17/04 Mary Poppins – Special Edition 08/17/04 Recess: 1st Day of School 08/31/04 The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride – Special EditionSeptember 200409/14/04 Mulan 2 October 200410/05/04 Aladdin – Special Edition November 200411/09/04 Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

You can thank Garth over at for pointing this out.And I’m spent…Tone_________________’can you dig it…sucka!’

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