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News for September 4


Doooo Jooooo want some Nooooos, mang?

How about Frank Serpico back on the beat???

You like that baby?? You like that?? Serpico…Frank Serpico…
Seminal Al Pacino classic SERPICO will be released as a Special Edition DVD from Paramount on December 3. Highlited by an AW transfer and a 5.1 DDS sound mix, the disc will feature the featurettes – SERPICO:FROM REAL TO REEL and INSIDE SERPICO – as well as a “Favorite Moments” montage and trailer and still galleries.

Columbia Tristar will begin unveiling their catalogued TV series with the release of the first season of 90’s hit sitcom MAD ABOUT YOU. The set will consist of two discs with the entire first season in it’s original fullscreen ratio and English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround. No extras will be included.

Ridley Scott’s 1977 feature debut THE DUELISTS, which stars Harvey Keitel, will be released on DVD from Paramount on December 3. A 5.1 audio mix will be joined by audio commentary by Scott, an isolated score track, a featurette, stills, storyboards and Scott’s short film BOY ON A BICYCLE.

Look for new DVD versions of 2 John Wayne classics in RIO GRANDE and THE QUIET MAN.
RIO GRANDE will feature a new commentary with co-star Maureen O’Hara, a making-of do*censored*entary and a featurette. THE QUIET MAN, which also stars O’Hara, will feature commentary and 2 Do*censored*entaries. Both come ridin’ in to stores on October 22.

Central Park will release the revered anime GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES as a 2-disc set featuring the original Japanese audio track, english subs and an optional dubbing track. Extras will include an art gallery, commentaries, a do*censored*entary on the film’s restoration, trailers and interviews with the director and critics and film historians like Roger Ebert.

Buena Vista is hyping up the upcoming SPIDERMAN release with a new release of a story arc from the recent animated series. SPIDERMAN: THE RETURN OF THE GREEN GOBLIN will feature the 80 minute conglomeration of episodes that fill out the story, as well as a classic episode from the 1967 series and interviews with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. The whole shebang is fullscreen and swings into stores near you on October 29.

And, finally, Buena Vista will also release THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST on November 12. Details have yet to be released, but the disc will feature a commentary with director Oliver Parker and at least one featurette.

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