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The newly released SPIDERMAN has broken a multitude of sales records over the weekend.

Despite the unorthodox Friday release day, SPIDERMAN has seemingly conquered all sales records for Home Video…

Read on for the news from VARIETY, True Believers…

From VARIETY 11/03/02
UPDATED NOV. 3 | Spider-Man snared more cash in its opening day and opening weekend in video stores than any movie opening in theaters or retail in the history of cinema.

More than 5 million is estimated to have been spent buying and renting the title on DVD and videocassette Friday, with more than 0 million netted by the superhero on video through Sunday, according to preliminary estimates.

Sony Pictures Entertainment president John Calley announced early Sunday that a record 7 million copies were sold Friday, with an estimated 11 million copies expected to be sold through the weekend, generating about 0 million in retail revenue.

Sony’s Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment president Ben Feingold said that 75%-80% of the copies purchased–or roughly 8.5 million units–were on DVD, a record percentage for a major release.

The Lion King sold a record 20 million copies in its first full week. That title, which has yet to be released on DVD (expected in 2003), still stands as the all-time best-selling video with 31 million units sold.

The weekend numbers of Spider-Man eclipsed DVD-era records set in September when Disney’s Monsters, Inc. sold 5 million copies in its first day and took a week to reach the 11 million mark, with 7 million of those copies on DVD.

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