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The Cell 2 [Blu-ray]

Studio: New Line Cinema
Starring: Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, and Frank Whaley
Directed by: Tom  Lacofano
Running Time: 94 minutes
Ratings: R / 18A Canada

Movie Review

Since the year 2000 we have seen the sequel trend take the movie industry by storm for movies that don’t require one.

The first Cell was fresh, inventive and had some good actors to sell the idea; the plot was also grounded in psychotherapy. In the sequel this scientific idea is turned into a supernatural ability which the heroine gets from being killed and brought back to life many times. This is the classic flaw in making a sequel to a cult classic; it takes everything that was fresh and original about the first movie and makes it bland and bleak.

The movie as a whole is pretty basic; a victim of a serial killer becomes a physic and works with the FBI to try and take him down. The killer’s shtick is killing people, bringing them back to life and…guess what…killing them again.
Director Tom Lacofano is known for his television work, he did a few episodes of 24. Also, Tessie Santiago is known as a T.V actress. As a result the movie has a very T.V feel; only this time there is no commercials to provide a break from the predictable, uninventive waste of time.

One of the worst things I noticed was when the FBI agent is attacked and stabbed in the back by an axe, you can literally see the axe bend on his back; an obviously prop that screams “B” movie.
I would say even a rental at this point would be a waste of time unless you enjoy poorly written, badly acted, “B” Movies.

Crave Factor – 1


The Blu-ray looks good but in this case was a detriment; it gives you the opportunity to see the terrible make-up, special effects and blatant prop usage. There is a small level of grain that shows occasionally but overall has a decent picture quality.

Crave Factor – 6


Dolby TrueHD is good, but nothing impressive about it. The Audio tracks were basic and bland. I could duplicate half of the soundtrack on a Casio Keyboard. The dialogue was easy to hear and very clear. On the whole, very average soundtrack.

Crave Factor – 5


Although advertised as having BD live features, there is no actual option on the disc. All we have is behind the scenes feature without as much as a trailer.

Behind the Scenes is a breakdown of the writer/producer’s look at creating the movie. They discuss the budget limitations. It shows a montage of the cast and crew and what they think of each other and the movie; 30 minutes long.

Digital Copy also included.

Crave Factor – 1

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

The movie is appalling and doesn’t come close to the original; the lack of creativity and story sets it apart. It feels like it was written entirely as a different movie and the title was thrown on it to cling to the sequel cash grab. This movie targets impulse buyers and has very few redeeming qualities. The sound and picture are average and have a very television quality to them. The extras were few and far between.

Overall Crave Factor – 3

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