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Monster Squad [DVD Review]

Studio: Tri Star
Directed by: FRED DEKKER
Running Time: 82minutes
Ratings: PG

Movie Review

Monster SquadFred Dekker is more known for his writing credits; having written and directed NIGHT OF THE CREEPS one year before THE MONSTER SQUAD, he was getting a reputation for writing B-Movies that were fun but cheesy. THE MONSTER SQUAD was a breakthrough cult classic that was witty and smart. The film really stood the test of time, watching it again in the new transfer reminded me why I loved watching movies so much as a kid. Despite the very GOONIES feel about it; complete with its very own “fat Kid”, it has a charm all on its own.

The special effects still look good by today’s standards, Using shadows and quick cuts to pull off scenes that would just be CGI now-a-days. Despite the visuals, THE MONSTER SQUAD has a simple good versus evil story and the dialogue is a bit dated; taking away from some of the best one-lines coming out of the 80’s. To this day I will always remember the line “Wolfman’s got nards”

I enjoyed the movie and would watch it again, it’s a classic that makes you laugh and remember why we love monster movies in the first place. Dated dialogue and a simple story, but still cool!

Crave Factor – 9


The re-mastered  transfer by Maple is Standard. Still a huge step up from the VHS, and BETA days, but not as nice as some of the great transfers being done today…I think I might be spoiled by HD/Bluray formatting. Still a bit grainy but has that old classic feel.

Looks good, but could have been a better transfer.

Crave Factor – 6


5.1, re-mastered sound brings the score by Bruce Broughton to life. The storm that gathers the classic movie monsters sounds great in the rear speakers. Also the original 2 Channel is available for a nostalgic viewing of the movie in stereo. The dialogue seemed lower than all the other sounds in the film, making it easy to hear the effects, but more difficult to hear the actors. In the end the good outweighs the bad.

A nice way to re-live a classic.

Crave Factor – 8


First up on the extras list is Monster Squad Forever, a five part retrospective featuring new interviews with writer/director Fred Dekker, actors Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Ducan Regehr, and Tom Noonan.

Part one: “The Monster Master” Feature about Fred Dekker. Talks about how he got his start and what brought him to make THE MONSTER SQUAD.

Part two: “The Monster Makers” Feature about the classic movie monsters and Stan Winston’s Designs. It was nice to see so many interviews with the actors who played the monsters.

Part three: “The Monsters & The Squad” Feature about casting the monster and squad members.

Part four: “Lights Camera, Monsters!” Feature about photography and look of the film.
Part five: “Monster Mania!” features about the fans of THE MONSTER SQUAD.

A conversation with Frankenstein: An interview with Tom Noonan from 1986. It is a actually Frank Noonan playing Frankenstein as if he was an actor for many years. Very funny.

Deleted Scenes: Contains 2 extended scenes and 5 deleted scenes.

Animated Storyboard Sequence: Features a collection of the storyboards used for the mummy chase scene; has the soundtrack from the movie dubbed over top.

Also, on disc 2 features a still gallery, original trailer, and TV Spot.

Great selection of features and the deleted scenes make this awesome package!

Crave Factor – 10

Overall, I am thrilled with the 20th anniversary edition. I still remember the days when my friends and I would pretend we were part of THE MONSTER SQUAD, hunting down the classic monster in our home town. Watching it again brought back many fond memories and proved it could stand the test of time. The second disc was jam-packed with special features; great quality documentaries. For all you fans of the 80’s classics; this movie should not be missed.

Overall Crave Factor – 8

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