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Nude Tuesday – Tribeca Film Festival review

Pitch me a movie that is spoken entirely in gibberish. Then tell me that it stars Jermaine Clement and that it is written by Jackie Van Beek who was in What We Do in the Shadows and you have yourself a viewer who is absolutely peaked by interest in what chaos can possibly unfold with a movie as wild as Nude Tuesday. What does unfold is perhaps one of the most outrageous, absurd, and bonkers movie to have ever been seen, a couple trying to save their marriage in a duo of journeys for self-discovery in a nudist cult like fashion lead by an enigmatic leader, Nude Tuesday packs the laughs and your gut will hurt from the absurdity.

The film focuses on Laura played by Jackie van Beek and Bruno played by Damon Herriman, as they’re trying to rekindle their love and connect again romantically. Their sex lives have reached a stand still and they’re both feeling inadequate in their lives. So what better way to spice things up than attending a new-age retreat about finding self-love and taking part in self-awareness and sensuality. Throughout this retreat they’re lead by shaman Bjorg played by Jemaine Clement. As things start to progress for Laura and Bruno, things take an unexpected turn. On their last day at the retreat they discover that everyone, and quite literally everyone is absolutely nude. It is NUDE TUESDAY and the retreat is coming to an end and to save their marriage, they must partake in NUDE TUESDAY and rediscover and themselves.

What makes Nude Tuesday such a delight are the performances from Jackie van Beek and Damon Herriman. They manage to tell the story in such a convincing way of a couple that’s about to be at their end, as well as a couple who wants to make things work. Pair all of this together with the brash insanity that Jemaine Clement brings to the forefront and the comedy and madness is truly top notch as their body language and subtitled lines (as everything is literally gibberish) steals the show.

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