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LEO (Review)

Netflix and Adam Sandler collaborate on many films that the streaming service, some are good and some are bad. Luckily LEO the animated musical where a host of celebrities voice kids, classroom pets. Sandler voices the 74-year-old lizard named Leo, who along with his Tortoise friend named Squirtle (voiced by Bill Burr). They plan an escape from the terrarium that they’ve been housed in for decades.

Writers Robert Smigel (who also co-directs the film), Adam Sandler, and Paul Sado tell a touching tale of growing up that is easily digestible for children. This isn’t to say that adults won’t appreciate the film for its message, they will also surely enjoy the onscreen chemistry and banter between comedian Bill Burr and Sandler, who have impressive chemistry.

When the kid’s favourite teacher Mrs.Salinas (Allison Strong) announces that she is taking time off to have a baby, the classroom kids (and parents) are upset. The only bright spot is that the kids can’t wait to torture the fill-in teacher. To Their surprise, the new supply teacher Ms.Malkin (Cecily Strong) is nothing like Mrs.Salinas. She’s an older lady, rough around the edges, and no-nonsense.

Meanwhile, Leo and Squirtle wax ecstatic about life and what they may be missing beyond the doors of the classroom. When Leo finds out his type of lizard only has a life expectancy of 75 years old (he’s 74 right now), he has an urgency to escape and go to see the Everglades.

Ms.Malkin decides that the kids must take turns taking the reptiles home and Leo is the first up. The film gains a great amount of warmth when Leo (who is told to not let the kids know he can speak to them) starts talking with the kids about their problems. He helps them out by building them up and gives them advice that sets them on a brighter path.

The fact that many of the cast members are voiced by the cast member’s kids and family only makes it all the more endearing. One stand-out moment is when Leo helps the bully of the class and undoes everything that the Turtle,(it’s a Tortoise actually) Squirtle tells this bully.

This is a great light-hearted look at growing pains and being able to talk out your feelings and not keep everything inside. Kids and adults will be better off by watching the film, they may even get a few laughs along the way too.

LEO is full of talented people Among the already mentioned there is Jason Alexander, Jo Koy, Rob Schneider, Robert Smigel, Nick Swardson and Chris Kattan.

There are a handful of songs performed throughout, which is why this can be considered a partial musical, but these songs are funny and will have the whole family laughing. The animation is also top-notch with the characters resembling their actual human counterparts.

Who would have thought that the actors behind Triumph the Insult Dog and the Waterboy could create such a wonderful film for all ages? Don’t take my word for it though, check out LEO on Netflix now with the whole family and thank me later.

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