The Mitchells vs the Machines Review

What a silly movie! Let me just say this movie is best viewed with your kids/family. It’s funny, it’s silly and at times adorable. The use of silly YouTube clips and the comic style action bubbles paired with the kind of weird animation style works. “The noses are funny, in a good way”, said my son and he liked the pig, I mean pug, of course. Who wouldn’t. So what is ...[Read More]

Justice Society: World War II

While speeding off to help in an impromptu battle, The Flash blazes and rips through time, only to find himself dropped into the middle of World War II. It’s here that The Flash meets Wonder Woman and her top secret team, known as the Justice Society of America. Witness the raging tides of war, gripping combat and the velocity of valor as The Flash fights to get back to his own timeline!

ThunderCats Movie in the Works

Director Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong) has been tapped to direct a ThunderCats movie for Warner Brothers. It will reportedly will be a hybrid of animation and CGI. He and Simon Barrett will re-write the script based of an earlier version by David Coggeshall. For more you read Deadline’s interview with Adam. Source: Deadline

Disney’s Hercules – Never Before Seen Footage

Disney’s Hercules was released into theatre June 27, 1997, just 19 short years ago. To celebrate its 19th anniversary some never before seen behind the scenes footage has been released. It shows the live action footage the animators used to draw the gospel montage “Zero to Hero”. The dancers are performing the exact movements that we see the Muses do in the film. This footage als...[Read More]


Set in Scotland in a rugged and mythical time, "Brave" features Merida, an aspiring archer and impetuous daughter of royalty. Merida makes a reckless choice that unleashes unintended peril and forces her to spring into action to set things right.

The Lion King 3D – Theatrical Review

Since the film was released and has been available for 17 years, I will not be focusing on a review of its production value. I do this for two reasons. #1. Mostly everyone has already seen the film on numerous occasions and don’t need to be guided regarding the material. Opinions have been formed and solidified. #2. I really am not a fan personally and don’t wish to upset the fans by e...[Read More]

‘Yogi Bear’ Trailer Now Online

The live action adaptation of Yogi Bear is now available for your viewing. We’ve got it embedded below along with the film’s poster, which both debuted over at Yahoo. The film features the voices of Dan Aykroyd as Yogi Bear and Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo. In live action roles are Anna Farris, Tom Cavanagh, and Andy Daly. It’s directed by Journey to the Centre of the Earth helme...[Read More]

Interviews: Planet Hulk

Many, many eons ago, our lovely site editor Shane sent me on a quest to planet Hollywood where I was to seek out those responsible for the new Marvel Animated film Planet Hulk. Although the ride back was a little bumpy, the mission proved fruitful as after I fought several of my online brethren to the death and was able to discuss the sci-fi adventure with some of the filmmakers, and the great Jep...[Read More]

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