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My Love Affair with Marriage – Tribeca Film Festival review

I am not going to throw a percentage out and state how many films that are funded my Kickstarter get to play a film festival because I simply do not know. However what I do know is that director/writer Signe Baumane’s second feature is one of the most magical things I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. It is so rare and so uncommon for a documentary style film to be animated and dive into topics that are typically considered taboo on a larger scale. The film doesn’t hold back as it talks about female anatomy, female puberty, marriage, spousal abuse, war, and everything in between. My Love Affair with Marriage is a triumph that is only matched by the excellent voice work provided by its marvelous cast.

The film focuses on Zelma played by the incredible Dagmara Dominczyk, as her character is chased throughout her life by three singing sirens, as she wants to find the perfect life, perfect love, and quintessential marriage. However as most people know finding and accomplishing this feat is rather impossible, sure it happens to the odd lucky few but those are most likely the same odds as winning the lottery. Throughout her journey Zelma meets people she either falls for and thinks are right for her, when in reality these relationships are rather toxic. Some of the people she meets on her journey come in the form of Bo voiced by Matthew Modine, Jonas voiced by Stephen Lang and Sergei voiced by Cameron Monaghan.

Before discussing the marvelous performances that are presented in My Love Affair with Marriage, the animation is something that has to be mentioned. Sure, everyone is familiar with Pixar and Disney or even to an extent Laika animation. However, Signe’s style that she brings forth in her combination of 2D and 3D animation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and astonishing. It is one of the most beautifully looking movies I have ever seen. My Love Affair with Marriage would be a must see for the animation alone, however the story is also incredibly important and brings forth topics that are not nearly talked about enough and needs to be discussed to men and women at a median age.

The performances throughout My Love Affair with Marriage are truly exceptional. Everyone in the cast absolutely shines through their respective roles, it is however Dagmara Dominczyk that brings such levity and brightness to such a serious topic and allows the audience to break free from the harsh reality the movie is painting, on occasion, with laughter. The perfect balance she brings to the character truly encapsules everything Zelma is going through to a perfect tee. My Love Affair with Marriage, will certainly spark a love affair with its audience.

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My Love Affair with Marriage – Tribeca Film Festival review


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