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Barbarians – Fantastic Fest Review

What makes for an uncomfortable movie setting, getting together with some friends and chaos ensuing, or a dinner party with all that lovely terribleness? Well thankfully Barbarians delivers all of that and then some in its wild, crazy, oddly timely, feature. Strap yourself in and get ready for one of the craziest adventures your eyes will be privileged to.

Barbarians is told in separate chapters and starts off with something very normal and uncomfortable before it morphs into something more sinister. The movie focuses on a dinner party around a director, Adam played by Iwan Rheon and his girlfriend Eve played by Catalina Sandino Moreno as they’re at a remote house which serves as a nature retreat essentially to wind down and take in nature. While on his remote birthday retreat, his buddy comes along to celebrate his birthday, Lucas played by Tom Cullen and brings along his girlfriend Chloe played by Ines Spiridonov. Things get tense and awkward as secrets are undiscovered, tensions boil, and the story takes a wild 180 degree turn that changes everything and puts the true horror in site.

Charles Dorfman’s writing and directing is nothing short of subliminally incredible, as it is his first feature which is insane. Serving as a tenured producer, he is showing what he has learned while on set and brought it all to the forefront. The way he is able to craft the story and tell it in such a captivating way that unfolds into sheer chaos is sublime. Barbadians is a love letter to the cinematic craft with its beautiful direction and storytelling.

What helps succeed the incredible direction and storytelling are the performances by the amazing cast. Iwan Rheon absolutely delivers on all fronts, providing depth of emotion and terror that truly captivates the audience. Tom Cullen delivers a haunting performance that will stick with audiences long after the film ends. As well Catalina Sandino Moreno and Ines Spiridonov are also incredible throughout the feature providing another level of terror, horror, and excitement.

Barbarians is an incredible first feature for Charles Dorfman that is only exceeded by his incredible cast that can deliver the performances the movie needs. A level of cringe that can only be incited by those elusive dinner parties, a level of horror as secrets and terrors unfolds, and some truly barbaric violence all lay within Barbarians.

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Barbarians – Fantastic Fest Review


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