Fantastic Fest 2021

Saloum – Fantastic Fest Review

Saloum is a wild trip taking place in Senegal in 2003, the action is intense, the story is captivating, and the twists are never seen coming. While the movie is short in its length, the story and action will linger with its audience much past the films ending. Saloum is a great entry into Jean Luc Herbulot’s filmography, and I cannot wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. There is so much inv...[Read More]

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – Fantastic Fest Review

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is one of the rare instances when the time travelling comedy gets it right and makes it even more impressive that the movie is one shot. Delicately balancing that thin line between outrageous comedy and believable comedy, while doing a sci-fi comedy is a very tough act, but the story and performances certainly help carry this very well-crafted film. The film focuses...[Read More]

The Execution – Fantastic Fest Review

The Execution directed by Lado Kvataniya is the perfect combination of Zodiac and Se7en that packs the suspense, thrills and excitement of uncovering the true mysteries of the past that were thought to be solved. Over the course of 12 years, Andrei Chikatilo murdered 54 people, mostly consisting of young victims. While the Execution takes some creative liberties in the story its crime drama is exa...[Read More]

Barbarians – Fantastic Fest Review

What makes for an uncomfortable movie setting, getting together with some friends and chaos ensuing, or a dinner party with all that lovely terribleness? Well thankfully Barbarians delivers all of that and then some in its wild, crazy, oddly timely, feature. Strap yourself in and get ready for one of the craziest adventures your eyes will be privileged to. Barbarians is told in separate chapters a...[Read More]

Alone With You – Video Interview with Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks

Justin Waldman sat down with Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks following the screening of Alone With You at Fantastic Fest. The duo co-wrote and co-directed the film with Emily taking a lead role in the film as well. Read our Alone With You review here.

The Beta Test – Fantastic Fest 2021

What happens when a Hollywood hot shot gets a secret invitation to a no strings attached sexual encounter? What happens when he takes advantage of that invitation and have a mental breakdown over the incident that leads into a word of chaos, infidelity, and terrifying data hacks. Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe both co-direct, write and star in The Beta Test. It is one of the craziest, wildest, blackes...[Read More]

Homebound – Fantastic Fest Review

Sebastian Godwin delivers a terrifying, horrifying, almost too realistic thriller in his first feature Homebound which uncovers a tale of lies, deceit, and genuine horror. What could possibly be more terrifying than bringing your new fiancé to your ex-wife’s house to meet your children? Arriving and having your ex-wife not be there, and your children not having the slightest idea where their mothe...[Read More]

Alone with You – Fantastic Fest Review

Sign me right up for whatever Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks are planning on writing and directing from here on out, Alone with You is a masterclass in suspense, thrills, and acting. Eighty-three minutes of edge of your seat thrills, with terrifying undertones keeping you involved throughout the entire film, it is a rare occurrence to have something that engaging and captivating in today’s landsc...[Read More]

Baby Assassins – Fantastic Fest Review

What would happen if you took the charm of Booksmart and made the movie about teenage assassins instead? Well, you’d have Baby Assassins, this smart, funny, buddy cop assassin yakuza action movie that is choreographed so well, when the action gets going you get vibes of Tony Jaa. Chisato played by Akari Takaishi and Mahiro played by Saori Izawa are two high school girls about to graduate. However,...[Read More]

Nr. 10 – Fantastic Fest Review

Alex Van Wamerdam has a following for his work, and anyone who is a fan of his work or is used to his style of storytelling will most likely be satisfied with his newest outing, Nr. 10. The film mainly focuses on Gunter played by Tom Dewispelaere, as he is leading a life as a stage actor, raising a daughter, and having an affair. Gunter, never cared about his past or wanted to know about his past ...[Read More]

Let the Wrong One In – Fantastic Fest Review

What happens when you discover that your brother is a vampire? What is your moral obligation to your family at that point, do you save your brother and help him safely quench his thirst or do you slay him to protect society? Let The Wrong One In is the right amount of vampire, comedy, and absolute over the top gore that brings together this hilarious film to a tightly packed film. The film focuses...[Read More]

The Found Footage Phenomenon – Fantastic Fest Review

Phenomenon, defined as a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question. The Found Footage Phenomenon is exactly that the genre begs the question of what is happening, how is it happening, why is it happening? Whether the movie is a lower budget success like Blair Witch Project or something on the higher end budget like Cloverfield, ...[Read More]

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