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Alone with You – Fantastic Fest Review

Sign me right up for whatever Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks are planning on writing and directing from here on out, Alone with You is a masterclass in suspense, thrills, and acting. Eighty-three minutes of edge of your seat thrills, with terrifying undertones keeping you involved throughout the entire film, it is a rare occurrence to have something that engaging and captivating in today’s landscape.

Alone with You focuses almost solely on Charlie, played by Emily Bennett, as she is waiting for her girlfriend to come back to their flat. Everything seems normal, aside from her girlfriend being late. As she’s talking to her mom, played by Barbara Campton, on the computer, she realizes it is a different time of day, and time becomes nothing shy of a construct of matter and not an actual concept anymore. As things continue to get more disturbing, unworldly, and quite frankly disturbing, Alone with You captures and terrifies its audiences instantly and keeps that secured the entire feature.

Emily Bennett playing the titular character, directing, and writing the story in this singular character study of terrors, is truly a marvel. Such a terrifying and stress inducing breakout feature that shines, with her vibrant performance and delivery. Throughout the film things are hinted at and make you think there is something larger afoot and throughout the feature we see little snippets of that reality, all leading to a jaw dropping conclusion. Alone with You is a truly indescribable experience that must be seen to be believed.

When there are so many horror movies that reply on the jump scare, the suspense, and the tales they tell, to be able to craft a story so well with a singular character and emanate so much tension and passion from its audience is a foot in of itself. For it being a first feature directorial debut and writing debut for a feature for Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks is exciting and terrifying at the same time, these young talents truly have something special on their hands and their future is brighter than ever if they can continue to make such magically terrifying and engaging films like Alone with You.

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Alone with You – Fantastic Fest Review


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