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The Execution – Fantastic Fest Review

The Execution directed by Lado Kvataniya is the perfect combination of Zodiac and Se7en that packs the suspense, thrills and excitement of uncovering the true mysteries of the past that were thought to be solved. Over the course of 12 years, Andrei Chikatilo murdered 54 people, mostly consisting of young victims. While the Execution takes some creative liberties in the story its crime drama is exactly what audiences crave and keep everyone engaged and interested in the events unfolding throughout the slightly over two hour running time.

Issa played by Nikoloz Tavadze, is assigned to the case to track down Andrei Chikatilo, however after years of miscommunication, false arrests, and bodies starting to pile up, Issa must find the real killer and will not stop until he does. When he believes he finds the murderer after chasing him for a near decade, he cannot get a confession out of him and goes to any length he can to make sure he gets his man.

What makes The Execution work so well is the fact that the story refuses to follow a linear version of storytelling switching between timelines of the 1980s and early 1990s between the beginning of the crimes and when Issa gets his supposed man. The measures he is willing to go to, including very questionable means is truly terrifying and disturbing. The way Lado Kvataniya tells this story is truly captivating, leaving audience members fully investing in the story at all 130 minutes throughout. Moreover, even after the film ends the messaging and delivery of the story and performances truly sticks with you days after the film ends. Truly horrifying, shocking, suspenseful storytelling that leaves an everlasting impression.   

With crafting his story, switching between the two time periods and a terrific performance from Nikoloz Tavadze is truly remarkable. The Execution deals with the hard-boiled crime dramas that most American produced movies manage to under deliver on, but the foreign markets manage to always nail. The Execution delivers on all fronts, packing a hard punch throughout the film and leaving audiences with a long-lasting impression of this incredible film.

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The Execution – Fantastic Fest Review


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