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The Bob’s Burgers Movie – Review

Alrightttttt! If you told me that a show that originally started off about a family of cannibals that ran a burger shop beside a store that continually goes out of business and a morgue would become one of my favourite, comforting, and soothing shows I’ve ever watched and fallen in love with, then I think you’d be crazy. Sure, Bob’s Burgers didn’t stick to that concept for their show and instead evolved into one of the most endearing shows that breaks the mould of problematic parents. Linda and Bob Belcher are unlike any other cartoon family, they’re legitimately wholesome and their marriage reflects that. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is anything and everything fans could want, and as a die hard Bob fan there are a handul of things I could nitpick, but it would be just that a nitpick.

If you’ve been watching season 12 of Bob, you’d notice something awry with the sidewalk in front of Bob’s Burgers which goes ahead and launches into our movie as a watermain bursts and creates a gigantic sinkhole in front of the restaurant and Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise, and Tina played respectfully by H Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and Dan Mintz have to find out a way to save the restaurant. On the other hand, Louise is pushed to her limits by a nemesis of hers (surprisingly not Logan, sorry Belchies) and decides to go into the sinkhole to prove that she is not a baby. Unfortunately for Louise, she finds a dead body and the sinkhole is now a crime scene. With the time ticking away, the Belchers have to find a way to make money and solve this murder to save the business. With some help with our favourite Wharf residents, like Teddy played by Larry Murphy the Belchies have their plate full, in a film that feels like an extension of Wharf Horse (Or How Bob Saves/Destroys The Town) which will have you singing Wonder Wharffffff.

Before diving into performances and design (because it’s not the cartoon we have all loved before, it’s definitely changed) I must tell the people the information they want. There are several musical numbers throughout the movie Belchies, and the musical numbers are catchier than ever. As well, a little tidbit, the introduction to 20th Century Studios is replaced by the iconic theme song of Bob’s Burgers playing over the 20th Century logo. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is the best tv show that gets a movie to be done. Full stop. It perfectly dives into the characters fans of the show know and love, while also developing everyone’s characteristics and demeanors almost immediately to audiences that don’t know the show. It is marvellously done, and moreover there aren’t any ‘new’ characters to come out and leave diehards disappointed that the antagonist is someone they don’t know or understand.

The performances from the entire cast of The Bob’s Burgers Movie is perfect as always. They bring their dynamic and lovable characteristics to the forefront and let their characters shine through their brilliant voice work. There is a reason why the Belchies can run strong and proud for all this time, its because “[they’re] Belchers from the womb to the tomb” – Gene Belcher. As a fan of the show, this movie delivered everything and everything audiences could’ve wanted. If we’re going to be nitpicky, I am rather disappointed there is no Gayle, Jimmy Pesto doesn’t rib Bob about the sinkhole (WHAT), and there is no Doctor Yap. Again, these are very nieche nitpicks, we got a Teddy storyline and we learned the origin of Louise’s bunny ears and Bob’s Mom (!!!!!!!!!) so take this honourary Belchie as a very happy camper!

The animation style is distinctively different in the big screen adaptation of our favourite animated family. They look like they’ve been rendered in High Def, but unlike The Simpsons who did this in the movie and later seasons, it doesn’t feel jarring and out of place. It works, surprisingly, because my initial thoughts from trailers had be upset and disparaged over the change as the natural evolution from Season 1 to Season 12 has progressed, but the new animation whether it carries over into newer seasons is a welcomed change. It gave the movie a bigger feel and wasn’t just a long episode. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is the most fun fans of the show can possibly have while falling back in love with our lovable cast of misfits and burger bosses.

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie – Review


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