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The Muppets Mayhem – review

The Muppets have been a staple of entertainment since 1976 and nearly everything they have ever made has been for audiences young and old. There is always so much content and entertainment that the Muppet crew can deliver and with an endless capacity of ideas, staying fresh and doing something new is a tall order. Thankfully though, their newest outing which is a series is truly something new and incredibly entertaining, Muppets Mayhem. The show focuses on Electric Mayhem as they’re trying to record their first-ever album, and as you can imagine chaos absolutely ensues.

The new show focuses on Nora played by Lilly Singh whose trying to stop her record label from closing. When she’s shredding documents she stumbles across the contract for Electric Mayhem and realizes they owe them an album and thusly kicks off her journey of talking to Dr. Teeth played by Bill Barretta and company including Lips played by Peter Linz and Animal played by Eric Jacobson and of course, Zoot as well played by Dave Goelz. While trying to meet the band and figure out how she’s going to get them to create an album – something they haven’t done in 40 years – she meets their number one fan, Moog played by Tahj Mowry.

The only issue I have with the ten-episode show is that at episode seven they more or less wrap everything up and try to extend the rest of the show. While the final three episodes start a new-ish story and tie together those loose ideas, it could’ve ended at episode seven. However, there isn’t anything unenjoyable about any of the episodes and the first seven episodes are truly spectacular. Moreover, though, one thing The Muppets have always excelled at having great cameos and truly magical moments, and Muppets Mayhem certainly delivers on those fronts tenfold. The cameos and appearances are some of the best Muppet cameos to date and truly show the range of appeal to all audiences from young children to older audiences as these cameos and references certainly prove that point.

Moreover, Muppets Mayhem boasts a great cast that captures the heart and soul of what the Muppets are and who they’re meant for. The only issue is the leading lady of Lilly Singh whose performance feels hollow and uninspired. This can sometimes be the case when actors have to work with CGI characters, but considering the chemistry is missing between her and her human characters as well as her Muppet puppet co-stars it is slightly disheartening. The rest of the cast shines throughout and brings forth the emotional gravitas that the Muppets usually contain and connects with the audience on a larger scale.

Overall, The Muppets Mayhem is a delightful series that captures the heart and soul of the Muppets at large and brings forth a new story that focuses on some of the characters that generally don’t get the spotlight. The Muppets Mayhem is a rock and roll dream, boasting cameos that will delight all audiences, get ready to rock and roll with Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem!  

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The Muppets Mayhem – review


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