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Divinity – Review

There is something inherently interesting when a well known director decides to sponsor/present a movie that is quite frankly out there. That is what happened to Eddie Alcazar when Steven Soderbergh lent his name to present Alcazar’s newest feature, Divinity. While the film certainly speaks for itself and doesn’t necessarily need the rub of Soderbergh to get attention for the film, it certainly helps audiences on the fence who are into seeing something so out there and experimental that will leave audiences thinking about what they just watched for days if not weeks after the film ends.

The film is a futuristic science fiction thriller in a way, with the main focus being on two twin brothers both amply named Star (Jason Genoa and Moises Arias) as they arrive to Earth to stop a mogul from changing the way we see life. Star kidnaps Jaxxon (Stephen Dorff) whose hell bent on continuing his father, Sterling Pierce (Scott Bakula), creation called Divinity. Essentially Divinity stops the aging process and makes one immortal so their body and mind never fails. While this may be appealing to some, it comes at a cost and the cost is fertility, in a society where over 90% of the population is infertile. While on the other end of this otherworldly exploration is Ziva (Bella Thorne) who is the leader of a cult that insists and demands fertility to be successful. With the Star twins opposing Jaxxon and Ziva deadest on her mission, Divinity hits a crossroads with varying results.

To be abundantly clear, there is a lot to digest with Alcazar’s Divinity and after surpassing the surface level thought and provocation something much more philosophical lays beneath. The conversations between immortality and infertility juxtapose one another in a duality that is the centre and focal point of the film itself. The ever lasting impact that this film has on its audience is surely going to be examined and discussed ad nauseam in scholarly discussions and classes for those who have experienced divinity. While marketing this film to a wide audience is going to be nearly impossible, the star power in the cast with Soderbergh’s presentation on it may bring in the more casual cinephile or general film lover to experience the world Alcazar creates for his audience.

Bella Thorne, Scott Bakula, Stephen Dorff, Jason Genoa and Moises Arias all bring their best to this truly otherworldly type of film. Their presence and performances throughout the feature bring everything together to create a brain melting experience that will linger in the back of ones mind significantly after the credits roll. Divinity has the rare ability to leave an audience speechless and questioning more things than not, but for the right reasons. Moreover, Divnity feels like the early works of Shane Carruth so prepare yourself for a journey for the ages.

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Divinity – Review


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