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DEFECTIVE MAN! is coming. To save us?!?

Writer-Director D. Ryan Mowry is set to unleash the rarified super-magnificence of the most defective superheroes ever caught on film in DEFECTIVE MAN!

Defective Man! is the story of two office workers who have a horrible chemical accident at work. As the result of this accident, they are transformed into our main two heroes: Defective Man and his sidekick, Horn Dog. Unfortunately for them, the chemicals didn’t actually give the heroes any powers.

After putting up with their new “traits” for a few years, the company that employs Defective Man and Horn Dog finally give up and offer Defective Man and Horn Dog a great severance package in exchange for just not coming to work anymore. Defective Man and Horn Dog decide to use their severance to start his own business, in law enforcement. Defective Man and Horn Dog are joined by Captain Orange-Piss (bet you can guess his power) and the man from the Rio Grande, Bill Gill. The Defective Four equip a semi-secret lair with “high-tech” equipment (a Tandy computer and a whiteboard) and begin their quest to become the greatest freelance, low-impact law enforcers Albuquerque has ever seen.

The Defective Four’s crime fighting abilities will be tested by the dastardly plot of the nefarious Hevvy Flo and her right hand man (and lover) Ronny Tobins to slowly flood Albuquerque over a matter of days via a complicated scheme involving hallucinogenic drugs and the city water supply. In addition to the threat supplied to Albuquerque by Hevvy Flo and Ronny, Defective Man et. al. will face the threat of hoodlums intent on hurting the homeless, b-boys hell-bent on beating our heroes in a break-dancing boogie down, keeping the secret hideout a secret (especially from the other people working in the building), and of course, paying the bills.

***From the SB-Films Press Release***

DEFECTIVE MAN! Comes stocked with B-movie luminaries like Trent Haaga, Elske McCain, Adam Jarmon Brown and Billy “Deathbone” Garberina, as well as co-writer Stephen Eckles, Paul Alsing, Arturo Negro, Haylee Nelson and Josh Saavedra as creature-headed man-thing about town, Bill Gill.

Mowry and his crew are filming some final pickups next weekend and are moving well into post-production, having already debuted scenes at TromaDance New Mexico 2007 and Bubonicon 2008. They are still looking for original music for the film, so if you think you have what it takes, check them out on the SB-FILMS website. Otherwise, check out that Bubonicon footage below and then head on over to the DEFECTIVE MAN! MySpace page to keep up with the goings on of the next Great American Heroes!


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