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ThisGuy Reviews: Resistance 3


This Guy reviews: Resistance 3… sigh.

Right so before I start this review I must say…. I have been spoiled by awesome high-end DX11/high rez pc gaming for some time now….(got a new tower) So going from Crysis 2 BF3 and Skyrim to this game was pretty shocking to my oculars and left my preped drool cup dry.…. K lets get this review DONE!

Yes this review has been delayed…. Id say sorry but I really thought this game was a chore to get through and besides that theres… Skyrim… so… so good. But enough about that…Lets get on to Chimera slaying shall we. Well where do I start off…. The story is told from the part of a lone Hugh Jackman Joseph Capelli and instead of focus being the fight against the baddies the story take a different direction… Humanity has pretty much been defeated… pockets of resistance (heh get it? cause it’s the name of the game?… whatever I hate you guys >.>) remain to stand for the last days of mankind. Moving on.

I had much Resistance to playing…. Resistance (oh yea it happened again) I found the visuals low rez… again this may be part of me playing Dx11 and other pretty games on my PC then moving back to the PS3 but I didnt even find the shiny that was in the second instalment of the series. I found the colours washed out… lots of dark browns light browns some beiges a grey or 2 and nothing really popped out at all. The only time there was a change was when the snow stages hit… and then it was metallic and white tossed in with the other colours above. I Found the lip syncing was very much off ( I was told that it may have been just my setup but still this is MY review dammit and it was off for me so HAH!)

Charters in resistance 3 are instantly forgettable… there was effort to make you feel something for the main dood and his wife but yea… I don’t care I don’t even care enough to scroll back up to remember guys name… John? Jacob? OH Joseph!… there we go. To tell you the truth I feel worse about me having to try to remember the dam guys name then about him being away from his wife and kid…. NEXT.

One thing they did do right this time around was the co-op for me anyway it made this game bearable to play. They brought back the split screen jump in jump out method which is like the first one…. Not the job based horrible load of warm vomit that was the second incantations co-op.  So the co-op was fun but still games like F.E.A.R 3 have it beat in that department…. Sorry Resistance 3 you fell flat for me. I know people who loved this game and hey whatever floats yer paddle boat ladies and gents but for me id rather sink it and face my F.E.A.R3 and swim back to Skyrim through a Battlefield3 of chimera then take a second run at this game solo. As for multiplayer I didn’t play it… I didn’t care enough about the game to even try… Sorry Fanboiiiisss but other then delivery on the story and a fun romp thru co-op this game fell way short of the mark.

This guy passes on Resistance 3

 Stay excellent.

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