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ThisGuy Reviews: Soul Calibur V


This Guy Reviews: SADcalibur Soul Calibur V

Hello my Sadcalibur fighters… and welcome back to the staaage of history. (in which I am wishin this version stays buried in)

I love the Soul Calibur series. I have been playing it since the Dreamcast and it is one of those series I can’t wait to get a new release of…. as you can see by my totally bias review of Soul Calibur IV. Stright up…. If your planning on getting this for customization stop reading this and get the 4th one…. Theres nothing for you here.

Lets start off with the roster shall we? A bunch of fighters have been replaced with people that are essentially them but skinned differently. A Takiless Soul Calibur game is now know as Sad Calibur. *sheds a tear*. So with Taki out Natsu is in… uses the exact same style and basically the same default gear. Hey remember when Kilik used a staff? I do to… yea once unlocked he uses any male style at random… so where is the staff user you ask? Xiba is the man your looking for… or not so much a man but an annoying kid who talks about being hungry alllllllll the time. Sophitia ? gone. But! replaced with her kids Patroklos and Pyrrah… who in their regular forms fight just like her or Cassandra from IV oh yes regular forms there is also the SAME 2 fighters in an Alpha and Omega forms. I didnt notice a difference in the move set for Pyrrah in regular or omega mode (but shes less annoying in Omega for sure) Patroklos has a different move set when in alpha mode… which really makes him no more fun to use. Viola is my fave new addition. She fights with an orb she controls and a claw… sounds and looks a LOT like Amy who is not in this one… the sadness. Z.W.E.I who attacks with a sword and a wolfish kinda summons…I will call him Mr. Wolf face. NO TALIM! Not even a replacement? They removed some of the best fighters in the series for useless new ones and alt versions of the same fighters.I am done talking about the roster cept saying Assassins Creed Ezio is the guest fighter in this version…. But common you knew that already. (Hes pretty freakin awesome too) oh and Raphael looks like Vampire hunter D.

Game play modes you ask? Well kiddies lemme tell ya about the game modes. Offline modes include… Arcade… Quick Battle VS and Training. Legendary Souls (get your face kicked in mode) is unlocked after playing through the last and least entertaining single player mode (story) and pins you against higher lvl pc controlled fighters… Story mode 1607 A.D. which follows Patroklos and Pyrrah and randomly you get to use a different person… but that person would be Z.W.E.I…. great. Then there is multiplayer online. Choose from ranked or player matches. Thats it tho. So remember when you could pick a fighter and have their own story unfold? Well they took that out also. Because apparently the only people that has a story are Pat and Pyrrah… LAME.

Character Customization……. Sigh. The last 2 Soul Caliburs had pretty decent customization options… IV was great. In IV you could change the look of a fighter use items to boost attack and defence… weather you wanted to hurt them bad by boostin attack power or crush their soul gauge… you could give yerself a challenge by making a person have not even one life bar but hit like a ton of bricks…. NOT the case in Sadcalibur. Customization is limited to looks only. Great! I got a collectors edition for a pretty case and DLC that does nothing but make my person look different… So there is no way to make you stronger not at all… so really all that stuff you get to unlock by going up levels is pointless so you really should save yourself the time and just use stock fighters.

Ok so now general play is at its best when fighting a friend right beside you. This is where I actually had fun playing Sadcalibur. They took out critical finishes from IV and added a Street fighter styled meter that fills and you can unleash flashy fancy neato attacks…. I did find the play slower then IV in general… They removed the ability to Parry attacks… this is stupid… there was multiple ways to defend in IV push them forward, block, or make em fall… now defence feels limited.

I am going to wrap this up because there is a great deal that I didnt like in this game.

Yes its pretty and the music is great the sound effects are top notch but removing the deep customization options was a horrible thing to do. I thought we were going to see tag battles in this version… I liked the tower of souls how you could take 2-3 fighters and tag in and out when wanted. NOPE REMOVED. Mortal Kombat has amazing tag modes and when I saw that I figured Sadcalibur was going to adapt something like it…but make it better as that’s how they were leaning in IV. Removing Fan faves from a game is not a good idea removing great features that made the series stand out… not a good idea. Making customization pointless… yea also not a good idea.  All of this and announced DLC before the games even out? If I didn’t buy this already I would have passed on it for sure. I would have been happy playing IV with my friends trying out different builds that we spent a lot of time making. If your hardcore SC fan then pick it up cause you prolly already did… If your not… get the I pad version of Soul Calibur 1 or Wait till this one is 10 bux..  It wont be that long of a wait.

Stay excellent.

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