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Fan Expo 2010: Day 1

The Eye Crave Network duo of Shane and Lou descended upon Fan Expo. While there wasn’t a whole lot happening today/tonight we were able to score a few interviews and check out a few cool things on the showroom floor.

Fan Expo

Lou took a sleep inside the hibernation chamber from the Nostromo. You know, that fancy while chamber from Alien. The chamber was previously seen on the floor of Comic-Con. The Fox rep told us that it may never be used again. So, if you’re in Toronto check it out while you have a chance.

Nostromo Hibernation Chamber

We also got a good look at some Tron Legacy props. We’ll be getting a 3D peak of some of the films footage tomorrow and hopefully will be chatting with Bruce Boxleitner.

Tron Legacy Suit

We also chatted with Jeff Branson & Sarah Butler, along with producer Linda Hanson about the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, which Lou reviewed here. We’ll try and get that interview uploaded for you to see as soon as possible.

Check out our gallery from Fan Expo 2010.

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