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Hibernating – Nostromo Style! – at the Toronto Fan Expo

The Toronto Fan Expo kicks off this weekend; running from Friday, Aug 27th through Sunday the 29th.

Eye Crave Network will be braving the crowds once again to bring you all the news we can scoop up and capture any cool images, interviews, and videos we can toss your way!

Right now we can tell you that ECN will be getting a chance to check out some pretty cool Alien stuff at the 20th Century Fox booth including an opportunity to….

Alien Anthology Blu-ray

… slip into the Nostromo: hibernation chamber of the doomed intergalactic crew!

This and more will be presented at the Fox booth as they prepare for the upcoming Alien Anthology release on Blu-ray, ECN reported on earlier here and showed the trailer for the set here.

Looking forward to the Blu-ray set and the hibernation chamber.  Hibernating is a specialty of mine!

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