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Flight of the Navigator Reboot Set for Disney+

Bryce Dallas Howard is stepping behind the camera to reboot, or as it was put elsewhere, re-image the 1986 sci-fi movie Flight of the Navigator for Disney+.

The directing gig will reunite Howard with Disney+ who has directed an episode of The Mandalorian as well as an upcoming episode of The Book of Fett.

The original film starred Joey Cramer, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Veronica Cartwright and follows a time-travel trip of a young boy 8-years into the future with a wise cracking space ship (voiced by Paul Reubens).

I loved this movie as a kid and have been trying to introduce my kids to the Flight of the Navigator on Disney+.

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  1. My son has watched the original three times, he really likes it… can’t wait to watch the reboot together!


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