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Toronto After Dark 2023 Festival Preview

It’s back in all of its gruesome glory this year and like every year, the five nights of terror are overtaking Scotiabank Theatre downtown Toronto and ensuring that those craving some scares are certainly going to get their fix in this October, between the 18th and 22nd. While there does not appear to be a zombie night this year, there are plenty of scares and some truly exciting bone chilling additions to this years lineup. There are 10 features and 2 short programs, so lets go ahead and dive right on in on what we are excited for this year!

Writer’s note: While I would absolutely hands down without hesitation recommend Late Night with the Devil, its hard to make a recommendation to someone that I know can’t be obtained anymore. The film’s sold out and so are all the all-access badges, but this movie has played the festival circuit to RAVES so it must be included on this list of must sees!

Here we are going to break down our 3 most anticipated titles at Toronto After Dark this year in no particular order.

Suitable Flesh

HP Lovecraft adaptations starring Heather Graham and Barbara Crampton from the director of Mayhem (2017 – which if you haven’t seen go see it now) and producers of Re-Animator and Far Beyond this is a sure fire bloody good time. Similarly to Late Night with the Devil, the festival buzz on this title has been extraordinary and makes this one of the most exciting and enticing titles of the festival. It screens Saturday October 21st at 9:45 pm, but it is selling fast so get your tickets before its too late!

It’s a Wonderful Knife

I mean, horror take on It’s a Wonderful Knife starring Jane Widdop from Yellowjackets, Justin Long and Joel McHale, this sounds like the perfectly messed up version of a holiday classic that allows the horror fans to add screenings to their annual October and Christmas watchlist. However it also comes from Toronto After Dark alumni Tyler MacIntyre  (Tragedy Girls and Patchwork), so this is a proven recipe to be a jolly good time about the most wonderful time of the year – Toronto After Dark season!

Daniel’s Gotta Die

Bob Saget’s final movie, with Iggy Pop and being dubbed Knives Out meets Succession, sign me right the hell up. Legitimately there is nothing more enticing than one of the best murder mystery movies meeting a brilliant show of family turmoil, Daniel’s Gotta Die is truly a must see at this years festival! While it seems to be more aimed at a more tame audience and not focused on the sheer terror and scares more intense horror movies focus on, this is sure to be a good time that features one of if not the final performance by Bob Saget.

There truly is something for everyone this year, whether their forte be creatures, slashers, Lovecraftian stories, a Czech science fiction movie, and more there is so much to dive into at Toronto After Dark this year, so stop waiting and get tickets to your hotly anticipated titles before its too late. You never know when you’ll be able to see these movies again!

For more information on titles, tickets, and screening time please visit Toronto After Dark

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