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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2022 Preview

Toronto After Dark Film Festival this year is back and in-person baby! 5 excellent nights of terrors and genre thrills are going to pack downtown Toronto’s Scotiabank theatre for 5 excellent nights of programming. Whether you love a good horror film, a masterpiece of science fiction, or just want a documentary exploring living with one of the world’s creepiest dolls (and no I’m not talking about Annabelle) then there is something for you, and really everyone at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Strap yourself in and prepare for one of the wildest, craziest, and re-emergence of a fully in-person After Dark! We’ll see you After Dark Toronto!

Freaks Out

This film has alluded my eyes since Fantastic Fest 2021. Yes over a year now. My anticipation for this insane-looking Italian, time travelling, nazi killing (?) adventure could not be any more elevated. This looks absolutely nuts in all the greatest ways, and to be able to see this with a crowd that is sure-fire to eat this up, Freaks Out is one of my most anticipated movies of the festival!

Full Trailer:

Screens: Saturday, October 22nd – 6 pm

The Lair

Directed by Neil Marshall. The excitement should be evident as to why The Lair is on my top 3 most anticipated films of Toronto After Dark. If his name is unfamiliar to you, he is the director behind The Descent. So if you’re claustrophobic, maybe skip this, but if you like getting uncomfortable in your seat, want to squirm, and watch sheer chaos unfold in front of your eyes, The Lair is most definitely for you.

Full trailer:

Screens: Thursday, October 20th – 945 pm

Opening Night – PREY FOR THE DEVIL

There is nothing that gets genre and horror fans salivating more than a good exorcism movie. Prey for the Devil looks like it’s hitting that mark perfectly. From the trailer, it looks like a cross between Conjuring and Smile, which sign me the f-k up! Prey for the Devil is certain to get audiences talking, and hopefully, it delivers on all fronts as this is one of the most anticipated, albeit, wider releases out of the festival.

Full trailer:

Screens: Wednesday October 19th – 7pm

Honourable Mention:

Something in The Dirt

I had the pleasure of watching this, virtually, at Sundance this past year and was absolutely blown away by what directors Benson and Moorhead were able to create in this feature. Go in as blind as you honestly can as it is one of the most surprising, terrifying, and engaging movies to come out this entire year. There is so much to unpack and experience that you will want to visit and revisit this film multiple times. It is something that has to be experienced.

Full trailer:

Screens: Thursday, October 20th – 7pm

For more information on Toronto After Dark Film Festival, (TADFF) please follow the link here to find out more about this year’s line up and how to purchase tickets.

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