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Space Jam: A New Legacy – 4K UHD Review

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While the new Space Jam movie is pretty it lacks anything that made the original fun to watch. I realize that sounds horrible, but Space Jam: A New Legacy was boring and hard to sit through. I’m usually one to look for the positive in a movie and it’s hard with this sequel. While the original wasn’t a movie masterpiece, it was fun, and there was a sense of malice its predecessor didn’t have.

Putting all the IPs they did into the big game also draws away from what’s happening on the court. I found myself watching the background to see who was there vs what was happening in the game. It was fun to see so many of WBs characters in the movie, but if they were going for an Alita: Battle Angel level of integration they missed the mark.

Like Michael Jordon, Lebron James is a basketball player and not an actor. However, Don Cheadle was the most enjoyable on screen despite him not feeling as menacing as it was intended. There were a few laughs and it was a little silly.

Sorry, my friends at WB. This was a miss on too many marks, and I wanted to enjoy it.


Movie misses aside, the colour palette in Space Jam: A New Legacy is AMAZING. The HDR10 release really support the 4K image. The movie looks great to start with, but once we enter the server-vers it really pops.

There are so many colours in this movie. If Photoshop had eyes it would be on Looney Tune world, the 2D animation portion of the movie. It looks stellar.

You can see the individual pores, hairs, and beads of sweat. Kudos to WB for this insanely beautiful transfer.


The Atmos mix on this release is a 10. That’s it. Nothing else need be said. They used the sound space perfectly. There are so many sound effects that it seemed there was always something flying around the room during the big game.

It is demo-worthy even if the movie is not.

Special Features

There are just over 31-minutes of special features here and nothing extraordinary.

Broken into four (like a basketball game) are some making-of featurettes in Behind The Scenes. It has interviews with cast and crew.

There are five unfinished Deleted Scenes that you skip. They added nothing to movie.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

While I think this movie was more ambitious than its script, the 4K UltraHD Blu-ray technical side is outstanding. With stellar video and an incredible Atmos track, you can’t go wrong if you want something to show off your system. The extras were a little too light for me, but I did enjoy a few moments in Behind The Scenes. Is this movie for you? I can’t say, but for a demo disc, it might be worth the investment.

Review copy provided by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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Space Jam: A New Legacy – 4K UHD Review

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