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The Matrix Resurrections – 4K UHD Review


Unfortunately, theatres closed here (thanks COVID) before I could see it on the big screen and, because of the online vitriol, I had low expectations for this movie when I popped in the 4K disc to review. I’m not quite sure what the hate is about now that I’ve watched the fourth entry in the Matrix franchise.

Not only did it pay some fan service to the original films, but it also sets up a whole new Matrix-verse should WB decide to move forward. The only unfortunate part, in my opinion, is that it didn’t quite hit the mark for Matrix 2.0. It didn’t seem as menacing as they were building it up to be which is evident when we reach the climactic final battle.

I must hand it to the Wachowski’s for finding a way to bring back Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus. It really was a simple way of moving the story forward. New characters were great, as were the advancements of the human city.

Matrix Resurrections does require a second viewing as I’m sure there are hidden throwbacks and philosophical elements I missed on the first viewing. While it doesn’t break new ground like the original did it is a fun watch and is a welcome addition to my collection.


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment once again knocks it out of the park. The 4K UltraHD transfer is incredible. Featuring Dolby Vision, the HDR is amazingly crisp. You can make out the small details such as individual hairs and pores.

Unlike the original film, while inside the Matrix there is no more green tint. The Matrix 2.0 isn’t as gritty looking and is a lot crisper. There is a great nuance between the bright neon colours and darkly lit scenes. Real-world scenes are also richer looking with their silver and grey tones.


Home theatre owners with Dolby Atmos are in for a treat with this highly dynamic track. During action sequences, the heights are extremely active and even more so as the bullets fly. A large portion of the first half is dialogue based and it is always crystal clear.

The LFE provides the needed bass to complete this amazing Atmos track. Although not quite as bombastic as you might be hoping, it does provide the perfect level of needed bass. I did find I had to increase the level slightly higher than I normally would for this type of movie.


You won’t be disappointed with the bonus features here. They’re fun to watch and provide further knowledge into the background of the film.

No One Can Be Told What The Matrix Is – A fun look back at the original trilogy with cast and crew.

Resurrecting The Matrix – At just over 31-minutes, this making-of-featurette contains interviews with cast and crew with a heavy focus on Lana Wachowski and the creative processes shaped by their personal life.

The San Fran Jump – Behind-the-scenes footage of the big jump and how it was done practically. Well worth the watch.

Neo x Trinity: Return to The Matrix – An interview Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reminiscing about their first meeting, working together and returning to the characters they thought were dead.

Allies + Adversaries: The Matrix Remixed – The new characters are the feature here with some on-set footage. It also features cast and crew interviews.

Matrix 4 Life – Returning cast and crew talk about the new elements of the film including new technology.

I Still Know Kung Fu – Kung-Fu training with Keanu Reeves as well some stunts and rehearsals footage.

The Matrix Reactions – Separated into nine parts these featurettes are a more in-depth making-of about select elements of the movie with interviews with cast and crew breaking down characters, settings, tone, and themes vs the OT.

The Matrix Reactions (HD, 49 Mins.) – A 9-part segment where the cast and crew talk about selected elements of the new film and compare the characters, settings, tone, and themes to the original trilogy. Basically, this is a much more in-depth making-of feature.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

Warner Bros Home Entertainment has delivered another solid 4K Ultra HD disc. The A/V quality is top-notch and while I would say this is one to show off your TV, the audio doesn’t quite hit the mark of their previously released DUNE. I quite enjoyed watching the special features and would recommend a watch of the film… maybe two.

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