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Beef – Review

There are a subsection of people who will religiously watch literally anything A24 puts out without knowing much about the project. While it is safe to say that A24 does rarely miss, their collaboration with Netflix for their new show Beef is bound to push some people wondering what on earth they’re watching, at least until the fourth episode. While it does take a little long to get going, Beef created by Lee Sung Jin is a sure-fire knockout with some incredible performances by both Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

The entire show starts off by Danny, Steven Yeun and Amy, Ali Wong getting into one insane road rage incident in a grocery store parking lot. He’s trying to leave a spot and she’s blocking him, and it goes from some honking to Amy flipping Danny the bird and them chasing each other all around Los Angeles trying to get the final word in on one another. As they eventually part ways, neither of them can let it go and continue trying to one up each other and cross a lot of boundaries and lines that simply should not be crossed. This goes on for approximately the first three episodes until things slowly start to develop into something in the vein of Good Girls and filled with heart and emotion, Beef certainly develops from being a rare blue cut to the perfectly succulent medium rare that audiences can certainly sink their teeth into and satisfy their hunger.

Beef really is a show best discovered with as little knowledge about it as possible, just know that the slow repetitiveness that plagues the first three episodes dissipates and it truly finds its footing in episode four all the way to the finale. While Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are the stars, and they are incredible in their roles the supporting cast that consists of Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, and David Choe rounds out this incredible cast to bring forth something that is more than just an entrée but a whole damn meal. Beef becomes a 10 course meal that delivers on all fronts, even if the first three plates are a different variation of salad.

With a twist that no one sees coming, and a truly explosive finale Beef is one of those shows that will leave audiences speechless when watching and be the most satisfying season finales in recent memories. Even if the show doesn’t get a second season (it really doesn’t need one but if it was to be created with a new cast but a similar concept it could work) fans will be more than satisfied with what they got. There truly is no better pairing than Ali Wong and Steven Yeun as their chemistry is sublime, and the masterful creation by Lee Sung Jin brings forth a show that captivates its audience.

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Beef – Review


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