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Morbius – Blu-ray Review

Movie Review

Something wasn’t quite right with this movie and after sitting on it for a week I think I’ve figured out what’s missing. What is it you’re wondering? I feel like a whole bunch of story elements were cut to meet a runtime.

The story is choppy and sloppy. The characters are good. The performances are good. The VFX are great. We just don’t get the bridging from story point to story point. It’s a shame as I believe this could have been a very solid film.

Jared Leto handles what he’s given wonderfully. Matt Smith has fun with his character as well. Adria Arjona was great, but was underused.  Al Madrigal stole every scene he was in, and poor Tyrese Gibson… also severely underused.

Albeit, if you can ignore the misses, this is a fun film and worth the watch. I’m excited to see where Sony takes these anti-heroes/villains. I just hope they slow down and make sure the story is fully fleshed out.


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray video transfer is gorgeous. I would have rather received the 4K for review, but am pleased by the 1080p version I got. While I miss some of the texturing, the colours and contrast look spectacular. The dark scenes translated well, and nothing seemed crushed.

The VFX looked great, and the blue tint added to the overall sci-fi feel of the film despite being slightly more horror based.


While the Atmos track could have been added, it was reserved for the 4K release. Those of you picking up the Blu-ray will get the DTS-HD Master 5.1 track that holds its own. The LFE hits hard, and the surrounds are very active throughout. Dialogue is always clear, and the score sounds great.


Sony included enough extras to wet the palette, but the quality is so-so.

  • Outtakes & Bloopers – A few funny takes from the film.
  • Lights, Camera, Action – A dive into Director Daniel Espinosa’s direction.
  • Defining the Anti-Hero – A look at the lead character of the movie – Morbius
  • Doing the Stunt work – Always fun to watch the behind scenes work that went into the stunts.
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly – Supporting Cast – Even though this points to the supporting cast we get some Morbius to kick things off before we look at the other characters in the film.
  • Nocturnal Easter Eggs – Daniel Espinosa breaks down the film’s Easter Eggs.
  • From Human to Vampire: Visual Effects – There are never enough special effects breakdowns, but this covers some of the magic used in the movie.
  • Theatrical Marketing – Sony did some different things to promote the film and this feature highlights some of them
  • Previews – More Sony movies.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

Great disc. Mediocre movie. It’s a shame that the story feels so incomplete because the video and audio are top-notch. The extra features were okay, but still didn’t hit the levels I enjoy. What do you think? Let us know.

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Morbius – Blu-ray Review


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