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Cult Hero – Fantasia Review

Sometimes audiences have absolutely no idea what they’re getting themselves in to with a movie, they read a plot description or see a poster and decide it is something they’d be into and go in blind. Sometimes they don’t even do that and go in even more blind. However, when your movie is called Cult Hero and it delivers a legitimate spit-take laugh out loud moment within the first five minutes of the movie, you need to say no more. Cult Hero is what happens when someone wants to dive into the world of cults, but has seen every episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter at least five times, and wants to make a Michael Bay/Bad Boys movie but doesn’t have the budget to accomplish that. That is not meant to diminish anything, because it leaves audiences with one of the most outrageous, fun, ridiculously satisfying movies to ever grace a screen. It is pure comedic insanity that delivers the madness.

The movie focuses on Dale Domazar played by Ry Barrett, who is a cult buster whose been ostracized by is fans by being incorrect about his latest video. That’s not to say they weren’t an actual cult, they were, just their sacrifice count was mislead to viewers. Politics aside, that is certainly making a statement on the current affairs in the United States if you care to make that comparison. He is tasked by Kallie Jones played by Liv Collins in helping her rescue her husband from a cult of real estate brokers, a cult she was unaware of despite working for them.

What makes Cult Hero work so well is the campiness and absolute madness of the entire film. There is so much insanity and absolute bonkers moments throughout the film that just leave you smiling ear to ear by how absolutely insane the film tries to be. As well, the performance from Ry Barrett is exceptional. He delivers 110 percent and just goes manic in his performance, its something so rarely seen, unless a Nicolas Cage performance, that to see anyone else accomplish this level of unhinged and maddening has to be seen to be believed. Cult Hero truly delivers on all fronts and becomes one of the most enjoyable movies with pure chaos energy amplified throughout.  

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Cult Hero – Fantasia Review


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