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God of War Collection [PS3 Review]

Developer/Co-Developer: Bluepoint Games / SCE Studios Santa Monica
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: November 17, 2009
Rating: M (Mature)

Kratos is back, large and in charge (also in HD).  The Collection features HD remastered versions of the award-winning PS2 titles God of War and God of War 2 as well as behind the scenes videos.

New players of GoW, like myself, will find themselves immersed in ancient Greece; a time where the Gods play a strong hand in the lives of mortals.  As Kratos, you will discover how your unstoppable fighting prowess was gained as you ascend to your throne amongst the other gods of Mount Olympus.

Fans of the GoW series will appreciate the HD detail that they just couldn’t get out of the PS2.  Also, owners who don’t have a PS2 emulator version of the PS3 will love being able to play these titles on their newer console; with the added bonus of trophy support.

The games don’t have anything new to offer as far as characters, storyline, powers or gameplay.  Why would you want to mess up game of the year material in the first place?  The HD revamp is stunning.  The level of detail in the environment, opponents, and Kratos is simply beautiful.  Be prepared to laugh as you watch the cut scenes.  This was the first time I’ve ever played a game where the in-game graphics were markedly better than the videos.   That being said, one can really appreciate how they pushed the envelope back in the day.

As one plays through the game, you can enjoy the simplicity of the controls.  You are a god of war; all you need to know is how to jump and hack and slash the opposition.  A balanced array of attacks as well as magical abilities can be upgraded as you gain experience.  Your primary weapons are the Blades of Chaos.  These twin beauties will whip up a whirlwind of destruction that will leave your enemies in pieces.  As you forge further into the story, other godly blades become part of your arsenal with deadly results.

Some of the puzzles in the game can get tedious and downright frustrating at times.   I recall having to drag a block into just the right place with limited time before a time-released trap pwned me about 30 times before I got the timing right.  Did I mention that some of the puzzles are frustrating?  On the plus side, this made acquiring the “Getting My Ass Kicked” trophy that much easier.  Other than that, I truly enjoyed this game.

You are an implement of destruction, a god of war; as such, you should have very little difficulty hacking your way through your enemies to accomplish your goals and progress through the story.  However, the boss fights will require a little more strategy on your part.  These battles are epic and will force players to dig into their repertoire rather than rely on button mashing.  As you start chipping away at the bosses, you will need to be sharp as button sequences present themselves and some of them require quick timing.

Fans, both old and new, will love the behind the scenes videos.  Fans will gain a greater appreciation of the work and talent that went into making these titles the award-winners that they are, not to mention earning you a couple of trophies.  One of the biggest perks is the God of War 3 E3 2009 Demo code that comes bundled with the collection.  Playing GoW, GoW 2 and the GoW 3 demo will leave you chomping at the bit for the full release coming in March 2010.

All in all, the collection is an excellent value.  Two award-winning games for the low low price of $40 bundled with trophy support and a sneak peak of what’s to come.  This one is worth adding to your game library.

Crave Factor – 8

(out of 10)

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