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The DOC – Tribeca Film Festival Review

I am not that knowledge about rap outside of the obvious names like Snoop Dog, Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and so forth. But when the documentary THE DOC came to my attention and I saw who was featured on it, I knew that I had to watch this because there was a story, I wasn’t aware of and one that I wanted to know more information about. The D.O.C is a co-founder of Death Row Records with Suge Knight (which is a different story to explore if you’re unaware of Suge), helped shape Snoop Dogg into the rapper he is today, and wrote songs and was featured on songs with the NWA.

The DOC (the documentary not the subject) focuses on what happened to D.O.C after a horrific car accident thirty years that took away his voice. That is all it took, luckily or unlucky, depending on who you ask. For someone who was one of the most influential people to modern rap today, losing his voice was a career breaker. Now he is looking at a dangerous surgery that can bring his voice back but is recounting his career and legacy he has created thus far.

What the documentary breaks down is what his contributions brought to the music scene, how he helped people like Snoop Dogg define his voice and create structure to his voice, how he helped write Straight Outta Compton, how he helped Eazy-E and so forth. What D.O.C has contributed to the rap genre is truly undeniable and the documentary truly shines a light on the history behind one of the most important voices in rap and R&B history that may not be known by the common person.

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The DOC – Tribeca Film Festival Review


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