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Unhuman – Review

It is refreshing to see a zombie movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t try to become the next Dawn of the Dead either. Yes there have been a few times where this concept has been executed and worked incredibly well, see Zombieland and Warm Bodies for instance, but there are so many other times where we get another serious zombie movie that no one really wants, and no one really cares about. Thankfully though, director and co-writer Marcus Dunstan gives audiences something refreshing in his take on the zombie genre in Unhuman.

The movie focuses on Brianne Tju’s character along with her classmates play4ed by Uriah Shelton, Dana Wing Lau, Angel Lia Spitale, Drew Scheid, Lo Graham, Ali Gallo, and C.J. LeBlanc as they’re on a school trip where their teacher has confiscated their cell phones so they can properly emerge themselves into the experience of the trip. Well one thing leads to another, and a gigantic pool of blood finds itself on the windshield of the bus, causing an immediate detour and then an ominous knock comes at the door. Why would they open the door, beats me but here we are. A zombie then enters the bus and bites their teacher in the neck, and the kids run out and find themselves in what appears to be an abandoned building running for their lives in this game of zombie cat and mouse.

What makes Unhuman work on any level is the fact that it never lets itself take itself seriously at all. It presents itself as a Blumhouse After School special, and that is exactly what it delivers. Some cheap laughs and thrills and performances you truly would expect from an after school special. Nothing stands out and the movie itself is inventive enough with a twist that is so out of left field its almost inspiring to see it come together that way. However because of the after school level of performance and effort given by the cast, the movie moves at the typical zombie pace which is going to be the biggest downfall for its success. While the movie is certainly creative and has its moments of fun, it is not enough to keep audiences fully engaged in the Blumhouse afterschool special.

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Unhuman – Review


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