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This Guy Reviews – God of War 3

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…

No I did not die (sorry bout that folks better luck next time) but I was taken away from my review writing on account of having to save the world from a bacon hording rainbow unicorn zombie outbreak (the worst kind) …again…. Right so now that you know I am alive again lets get moving.

Alright so in order to properly review this game I went out and grabbed the re-release of the first and second ones. Yes i played them long ago but needed a refresher. The series is a freakin solid one for sure it’s up there with the legacy of Kain series on my list of zomg i need it. Any hoots lets get at the review shall we? … right then here we go.

God of war 3 – A Badass seeks revenge and you get to help 😀

Well the game starts off in Epic fashion leaving off right where our friendly ash covered spartan was scaling mount Olympus  riding  on the titan Gia. Now know this everyone looooves to use Kratos to gain what they want but in the end he gets em oooooohhhh boiii does he get em. (you think they would learn that by now). Kratos is a certified card carrying badass. But I will touch on that later…. no now. Ever notice how everyone this man meets dies shortly after? “I mean look at that guy he’s got a way to get past/in/out of (insert place) and Imma take it from him… apply brute force when needed and we have  things: The thing we wanted, an empty can of woop ass and of course a corpse! 😀

(surgeon general’s warning: crossing Kratos will cost you your life so just don’t. Also cans of woop ass are high in sugar and other bad substances that will cause you to lose teeth)

One thing i must say is the game looks great. Kratos is hands (or pants O.o?) down the best looking character
model in the game. The snarls and facial expressions detailed on him truly show his distain for the gods. Others look good but compared to the likes of Kratos some done even belong on the same screen (I’m looking at you Hephaestus) but overall the character models and environments are fantastic. The sound BOOMS and is also a done very well, at times I had to check behind me for insects flying around…. no but for real I had to..

The camera work by Sony on this title is superb, changing from one angle to another while the button press sections of a boss fight are prompted even to the extent of going first person from you current victims eyes.

As with all good games i found this one a little short. I have been through the game twice thusfar as myself and my girlfriend are attempting to beat it on every difficulty( Ill update on that in the future).

Alright so Imma run down stuff we seen in other GOW’s that are found in this one…

Massive amounts of Blood SPRAY! – Check

Crafty ways of killing HUGE things – Check

Boobies! – Check

“Practicing pro creation”  – Check

Epic story – Continued – Check

Bad ass lines from Kratos – Check

Puzzles that make you feel smart even tho they are easy – CHECK!

Bigass Stone Statues holding stuff – Check!

SHINY BLADES O DEATH!!! – awwww shooot yea check and in 3 different colors and flavors to boot!

The boss battles are epic as is th estory the production value is topnotch and the combat is easy to learn hard to master (kinda like your mom!). I have noticed a few minor glitches in the game like while standing on a save point there is no action button press requested but moving off of it will cause the save button command to appear. These are of course minor details that are present but really do not affect the games flow even really anything (cept my sanity)

The size of scale in this game is fantastic. At times you are fighting baddies on a titans hand while he talks his useless trash before you repet-deadly (<–see what i did there.. CRAFTY!) wooping his arse. (heh I said Arse) The puzzles are well done but a little on the easy side and after one run through of the game you will cut a lot of time off your playthrough.

Well Lady and gents this game is one to pick up for sure the attention to detail the story the combat and the puzzles and of course the boobies… thats right boobies lots of them… green ones white ones small ones and even Stone ones bigger then your house!… ummm wait I know we were talking about something… oh right reviewing… OK so you need to go get this game boobcause (yea I said it) it’s the real deal. if you are new to the GOw series i sugest you put up with the dated visuals of the first 2 and rent the series at lease all Sony owners should all have at lease some hands on time with this series…. Now imma try to get the controller back from my girlfriend…  Speaking of epic battles… *sighs*

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…

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