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Sex Drive - Theatrical Review

It may be difficult for anyone over 30 to understand, but in this day and age of instant communication and the internet, just about anything can be ordered up online – clothing, music and yes, even sex. Who needs singles bars and 1-900 numbers when meeting that special someone is as easy as putting a fake picture of yourself on the internet? Such is the case for 18 year old Ian (Josh Zuckerman), a high school kid with the same goal and dream of pretty much every other high school kid – to get laid!

Instead of using the old fashioned approach, Ian does what every child of the 21st century does – steals his brothers 1969 GTO and drives cross-country to meet the sexy lady of his cyber dreams named Ms. Tasty who is aching for a little of his magic love wand. Tagging along for the ride is Ian’s best friend Lance (Clark Duke) and their alluring tomboy friend Felicia (fellow Canuk Amanda Crew), across 550 miles of hilarious hijinks from Chicago to Knoxville with a little bit of Amish country added for good measure.

Directed by Sean Anders and based on the book by Andy Behrens, Sex Drive is not your typical horny teenage gross-out comedy. Although there are formulaic elements like an underdog main lead, a wacky sidekick and even the crazy older brother, Sex Drive is a little different – it’s a movie with heart. Bolstering the appeal of the film, leads Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke and Amanda Crew turn in wonderful performances; each character has a multitude of motivations for making the car trip but the actor’s really give them a realistic, dimensional feel that anyone in the audience can relate to. Who hasn’t done something insane to bag a hot girl? As Lance, Clark Duke gets to be that friend everyone wishes they had. A buddy that looks out for you, tells great jokes and always seems to know how to work a given situation. Clad in dark eyeliner and clothing, Amanda Crew’s Felicia starts off almost like an emo, but it’s clear very early on that she’s the wholesome but mischievous girl next door that you wished was living around the corner from you – not to mention she’s just plain beautiful. Interestingly enough, the guy with the most lackluster job might be Josh Zuckerman. While he’s great as lead character Ian and reminds you of at least one guy you knew back in high school, being the straight man to Clark Duke and the butt-end of most of the jokes can’t be easy. You can be sure that by the end of the year each lead will have a lot more ‘cred with school campuses and maybe even some household name recognition.

Stealing the show though is X-Men’s Cyclops himself, James Marsden in a supporting role as Ian’s older brother Rex. This guy not only manages to embody qualities from just about every older brother since the dawn of man, but he actually takes the crown away from American Pie’s Seann William Scott. That’s right, Marsden out stifles Stiffler. Seriously, it’s a performance that has to be seen to be believed, with a conclusion that makes it all the more funny. Rounding out the cast, Seth Green makes an appearance as an Amish good samaritan named Ezekiel that will have you looking at the culture with a friendly raised eyebrow.

In the end, inevitably the film will be compared to the aforementioned Pie, but rest assured – this film actually manages to out serve that particular dish. Sex Drive is wicked funny! The jokes are bolder, raunchier and just plain crazy. There is a little something in the story that anyone who ever chased a skirt or was chased in a skirt can relate to. In fact, the movie ends up being so entertaining and enjoyable that you’ll probably want to watch it again or head to to put a pre-order down on the DVD when you decide to finally go home. If anything, you’ll be leaving the theater with your arms in the air yelling “RUMSPRINGA!!!”

Highly Recommended!

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Sex Drive - Theatrical Review

A high school senior drives cross-country with his best friends to hook up with a babe he met online.

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