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What We Do In The Shadows – 31 Nights of Halloween Review

For the fifth night of Shocktober, after covering Fantastic Fest and seeing endless horror movies, it was time to see something light and hilarious, so I decided to revisit my favourite New Zealanders. If somehow, you’ve never seen the film What we do in the Shadows or the TV show, obviously watch the movie first, then you’re truly missing out. This is one of the funniest, most original movies I’ve ever seen, and it is absolutely obscenely hilarious.

Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, you better know these names, if you don’t please go search their filmography past Ragnarok for Waititi, as they make some of the most original, hilarious, heartwarming movies. Their tag team on What we do in the Shadows is truly a masterpiece packing hearty laughs, heart, and absolute madness. Let’s dive on in into the madness that is Vampires and Werewolves.

Vladislav played by Jemaine Clement, Viago played by Taika Waititi, and Deacon played by Jonny Brugh, are vampires living in their house as housemates, trying to get along in the everyday and mundane tasks that come with it. They have a documentary crew following them around and documenting their everyday ordinary lives, until their life gets exciting. They run into their arch-rivals, the werewolves! As the conflict expands, there are some truly fantastic one liners, like calling the werewolves swearwolves.

There is a lot to unpack in this mockumentary of vampires, but the most important part is the comedy and horror elements that flow throughout. It is rare to find a mockumentary that works so well, and boasts such incredible laughter, genius writing and directing and works so well. What we do in the Shadows is such a delight from start to finish and should be seen by everyone, if this isn’t on your list it is a much-needed addition.

What makes the film so great is that Jemaine and Taika absolutely play off one another, between being co-writers, co-directors, and co-stars their brand of comedy just jumps off the screen and brings to life the laughs, the horrors, and the joy. There is so much to be loved in What we do in the Shadows, that at any point in time if you were to ask for a comedy reference it would be on my list undoubtedly. This film is absolutely everything anyone could ever ask for and then some! What we do in the Shadows is the perfect film, full stop! As Matt Berry say in the television adaptation BAT and get yourself to the closest screen to watch this!

Crave Factor – 9

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